“I’ am Proud to be a multilingual learner”

Our goal is to help all children to enjoy the richness of multilingualism.  Children who are English language learners will develop appreciation for their mother tongue, and children who want to learn another language( French, Spanish, Mandarin, Somali, American Sign language) will have rich opportunities that include cultural activities. 


Assessment fee: $50

Classes are available for children at all levels, in-person and online.



Every child will take a language level assessment.

The French Language Institute

Status: Available 

The French language Institute provides immersion opportunities for students to learn the French language and culture. We will provide for participants engaging and active learning opportunities led by French native speakers who are also licensed teachers with extensive experience in a variety of instructional settings.  All our courses are taught in French.

Goal : Increase kids’ reading, writing and speaking Skills by strengthening the use of the French language and culture through our special program led by Certified and qualified French native speaking instructors.  


Novice level : Introduce early childhood  learners to the French language through the ABC’S Alphabet, songs, literacy games and social interactions activities. At this level, we put  a high emphasis on concept print, letter recognition as well as letters- sounds correspondence and identification in French.
Intermediate Level : Improve basic reading skills and provide tools that will engage learners in reading, writing and speaking. At this level, we emphasize syllables, story elements and verb tenses.
Advanced Level : Develop high level reading, writing and speaking skills. At this level, we emphasize oral communication. Kids should be able to understand and speak in French without hesitation.
Parent – Child Program :This program is to help families who are not native speakers to immerse in the language. Parents who are French native speakers are also welcomed. This is the place where parents and kids come to learn together. Our goal is to build a strong French
NB : One parent per child.


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