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Our leadership program is unique because we use The Mediated Learning Experience ( MLE) approach developed by Dr. Reuven Feuerstein. Participants are engaged in a series of pen and paper exercises and self reflection led by a certified coach/mediator. The aim of the program is to become better learners, to develop agency, and to be problem solvers. 

We offer two(2) different leadership programs:


 The Skilled Leadership 

The Bipoc Youth Leadership

The Skilled Leadership

The goal of this program is to help our youth to develop the skills of  leaders concerned about the health of our planet. We promote good stewardship of the earth locally and globally.

This leadership program focus on four main leadership skills.

The Bipoc Youth Leadership

The BIPOC( Black Indigenous people of color) leadership Program fosters mutual understanding, respect, acceptance, tolerance, entrepreneurship and civic engagement among BIPOC and non-BIPOC children. We aim to revitalize communities with cultural awareness and respect for all. Allowing children to grow with a high sense of purpose and understanding diversity, equity and inclusion. Which will promote safe spaces for free thought and expression. 

This Program in divide into six (5) modules


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